How To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Socially Awkward

Funny Meme Of Socially Awkward ManToday I want to discuss how to get a girlfriend if you’re socially awkward. Shying away from public situations and not being able to walk over to a strange woman is not uncommon, so don’t feel alone. But there comes a time when a man just has to pull himself together and either face the problem head on, or find some comfortable alternatives.

Despite all the things that have changed between men and women in the modern world, the dating game is still very primal. If you’re socially awkward, here are a few tips that can help you get the girlfriend you want.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You can either force it or fake it, but something has to give when it comes to your self-confidence. When you are shy or socially awkward, you automatically avoid situations that put you in a position to meet women. Unfortunately, those are the exact situations you need to be involved with if you want to get a girlfriend.

No matter how awkward it feels, you need to get out of your comfort zone and force interaction with women. Start small at first if you have to. Simply try making eye contact and saying “Hi” when you walk by a woman at the store. Then, slowly build from there.

Don’t have any preconceived expectations for the encounters. Just force yourself to do it. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Women are attracted to confident men. If you aren’t naturally confident, then fake it until you develop true confidence. By “fake it”, I mean force yourself to act confident even if you don’t feel confident inside.

Avoid Women Who Intimidate You…At First

Try to avoid women who intimidate you until you get more comfortable interacting with women. Otherwise, they will only make you more nervous.

What do I mean by this? If you find yourself feeling even more socially awkward around beautiful women who you are physically attracted to, then avoid these women at first.

Start by approaching and hanging out with women you view as “just friends”. Developing your confidence and communication skills without the added pressure of sexual attraction will help you take small, progressive steps instead of trying to jump into the deep end all at once.

Change Your Internal Dialogue

Changing your internal dialogue is one of the best things you can do if you’re socially awkward and want to get a girlfriend. Start paying attention to the thoughts that run through your mind the moment you see a woman. Are they positive or negative?

Have you already decided that she won’t want to talk to you before you’ve even said hello? Do you tell yourself things like:

  • I bet she thinks I’m a dork.
  • She probably thinks I’m ugly.
  • She’s way out of my league.

This type of negative thinking can be a big reason why you’re socially awkward in the first place. It’s hard to be comfortable around a woman if you’re constantly putting yourself down and having negative thoughts about yourself.

Remember, it’s all in YOUR head, and it’s highly unlikely that she’s thinking any of those things about you. After all, she hasn’t even met you yet and doesn’t know a thing about you. Don’t let your own internal thoughts destroy your chances of getting a girlfriend.

As a final thought, if the large crowds at bars and clubs make you nervous, then think about joining or volunteering for community projects or taking classes of some sort. For example, a yoga, art, or cooking class.

When you’re socially awkward, these types of settings won’t seem so overwhelming. They give you a better opportunity to interact with a woman one-on-one without having to make a typical “approach” like you would at a bar, and you’ll already have something in common to talk about.

Getting a girlfriend when you’re socially awkward requires embracing your quirks and being true to yourself. You might need to approach things a little differently than other men, but being socially awkward certainly doesn’t mean you’re destined to live a life of loneliness.

What Is The Best Way For A Shy Guy To Get A Girlfriend?

Everyone understands the ‘broad strokes’ of shyness. It’s a feeling of being uncomfortable and awkward when interacting with other people.

More specifically, shyness has the primary characteristic of excessive worry about how other people will judge an individual and his actions.  The shy person has so much concern about the reactions they will illicit in others (on a conscious or subconscious level) that they usually avoid social situations.  When they can’t avoid them, they withdraw and minimize interactions with others as much as possible.

At one point, ‘shyness’ was a catch-all term for any type of reticence in social situations. In the 21st century, however, our understanding of the condition is much more nuanced.

An introvert, for example, is a person who often will withdraw from social situations by choice. Extreme shyness can be a result of psychological conditions like depression, social anxiety disorder, and low self-esteem. The origin of shyness in an individual can be genetic, environmental, or some combination thereof.

Shyness And Its Impact On Relationships With Women

In general terms, shyness can be detrimental to a person’s life in a variety of ways. Extreme shyness has a link with poor academic performance, vocational underachievement, and emotional distress. It can also cause problems in developing and maintaining personal and professional relationships.

Shy people are definitely not alone. Research suggests that 40% to 60% of adults self-identify as having some degree of shyness.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with shy people that would prevent them from meeting and having a relationship with the opposite sex. The problem, however, is the difficulty they experience in social situations limits their opportunities to do so. Furthermore, their tendency to feel uncomfortable in interpersonal interactions can prevent a promising relationship from getting off the ground.

The Best Way For Men To Deal With Shyness

man who is shy around womenDue to the wide variety of psychological conditions associated with shyness, there’s not really a ‘one size fits all’ approach to dealing with it.  The two salient determinations are the genesis of your shyness and the negative impact it has on your life.

For some people, it feels like an emotional prison. For others, it’s a minor inconvenience that can be overcome by minor lifestyle adaptation.  In many ways, the biggest problem that shy men have finding a girlfriend is logistical.

Research demonstrates that shy people have problems initiating relationships but little trouble maintaining intimacy. Over half of all shy people struggle during the introduction phase of a relationship but only seven percent have a problem with intimacy. In other words, once shy men meet women, they’re at no significant disadvantage in maintaining a relationship.  For the shy men out there, this program makes it much easier to get a girlfriend.

One Way Or Another

Assuming that shyness isn’t a symptom of a serious psychological issue or a manifestation of poor self-esteem, there’s nothing wrong with it.  Shy men can be confident, passionate, responsible, funny, and caring. Once in a relationship, there’s nothing about shyness that is a barrier to its viability.

That being said, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s impossible to get a girlfriend without meeting women. If you’re a shy guy, the best way to get a girlfriend often involves having friends introduce you to women or meeting them online to make it easier to initiate contact.

Long story short, there’s no ‘magic bullet’ that will bring a girlfriend into your life without any effort. It may bring you some solace that this also applies to shy women–at some point everyone has to ‘make the leap’.

This reality applies to meeting women as well as any number of other things that you’ll want in your life. Some people have it easy compared to you, but that’s not an excuse.  If you’re a shy guy who wants a girlfriend, you must develop the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Why Most Of Us Struggle To Find The Right Person

Here are my thoughts on why it’s so hard finding a good relationship.

Life is a journey and people are complicated.  These two facts alone show you how complicated it is to navigate the maze of the modern dating scene. We’re not all looking for same thing and no two people are exactly alike. Personally I don’t buy into the notion that there’s a perfect someone out there for everyone. It’s just a case of finding the best person for who you are at that specific point in your life.

That’s the reason everyone gets lonely at some stage or the other. Trust me, every single girl out there has thought there’s something wrong with her for not being able to get the right guy and every guy wonders at some point – why does no girl want to date me? (Unless you’re George Clooney, in which case, go back to sunbathing on your yacht George, this article isn’t for you). But that’s okay.

Believe it or not, it’s normal to feel lonely every once in a while. When you’re young you still have a lot of time to learn a lot more about yourself.  Finding different relationships teaches more about who you really are and what makes you happiest.

The one thing you must accept is that you will have your heart broken, maybe a number of times. You will hang onto relationships longer than needed, say things that shouldn’t have been said and leave someone only to regret it later. Take your time, it’s never been easy for anyone.

But maybe our generation has it harder than any other that came before.  Our expectations have increased almost as much as our patience has decreased.  The instant gratification we tend to expect in all other parts of our life is beginning to transcend into our love lives as well.  The hook up culture glorifies a short lived and hyper sexual relationship with as little emotional commitment as possible.

As a generation we are too rick averse and tend to block out any chance of getting hurt whatsoever. If you’re not willing or not ready to put yourself out there and show your vulnerabilities, you’ll struggle to hold on to anyone for too long, let alone a lifetime.

The solution, in my opinion, is to be a little more willing to make compromises. People aren’t perfect and neither are you. Give them a chance more often, accept their flaws and work on your own. Beyond anything else you have to understand the value of the people who come into your life.

Not everyone is here to stay but when you find them, hold on tight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to settle for less and stick it out in a hopeless relationship. Rather, I’m asking you to trust your gut when you meet new people and allow them space to make mistakes without overreacting and making hasty decisions. In the end you won’t live a life without regrets but hopefully you’ll be happier.

Can I Get A Girlfriend If I’m Fat?

womaninbluelandscapeMany young people who are fat or overweight often get worried about the possibility of failing to get a girlfriend. In some cases, fat men opt for fat girls as their girlfriends. There are girls who shy away from fat guys for reasons best known to them. However, this doesn’t mean that if you are fat you have to get a fat girl or if you are fat you can’t get a girlfriend for yourself.

The following tips and those over at can help you get the girlfriend of your choice without having to undergo unnecessary stress:

Be funny

Being funny is one way of attracting girls in your life. If you are fat and are struggling to get a girlfriend, try this simple way by being funny always. Many girls like charming individuals who make them laugh all the time. Don’t be vague or boring, but instead be funny in the way you talk, the way you walk and the way you behave when in the company of girls.

Accept yourself

Being positive and accepting yourself the way you are is another way of moving closer to getting your perfect choice. Take the first step of loving yourself before you can expect love from others. It will be easier for other people to accept and love you only if you have already accepted and loved yourself.  Loving and accepting yourself makes you feel equal to other men and drives away the inferiority feelings.

Join Weight Loss Classes

Weight management is also another way of getting closer to your girlfriend. If need be then you must focus on how you can cut off the excess weight by engaging in weight loss programs as well as diet management programs. It is important to watch what you eat and avoid consuming foods that can lead to excessive weight gains. You can also consult your doctor for advice about the best weight loss programs.


Well groomed guys are more likely to attract more girls compared to guys who are poorly groomed.  Many girls will fall for boys or men who look smart and presentable. As a fat boy, take time to groom yourself and stand out among the rest. Make sure your hair is well kempt and that your teeth are also well cleaned. Use some appealing colognes and apply deodorants if you are a person who sweat frequently.

Have Courage

Every man must be courageous when approaching women. Do not wait for them to come to you, but instead you go for them. Don’t feel intimidated by the way she will look at you or react, but put on a courageous face and approach her. Make your mind known to her and see the way she reacts.

Exercise patience

Being patient is vital to your success in everything you do. Do not be in a hurry to get positive results.  Stay calm and press on with whatever you are doing and the results will turn out positive in the end.

Can I get a girlfriend if I am fat is a question that many fat men ask. The above tips are enough to help you get through the trouble of finding a girl if you are fat or overweight.

No Girl Wants To Date Me: 5 Reasons Women Keep Turning You Down

In the game of love, rejection is quite common. The biggest question that most men ask themselves is; why is it that no girl wants to date me? The reasons as to why women reject men are usually not clear. However, at most times this problem can be attributed to poor presentation by men.
The way a man presents himself really goes a long way in attracting a woman’s attention. The simple things that men overlook are the ones responsible for rejection.
Men have these wrong impression that what women like, is just money and sophistication. This is correct to some point, but not the determining factor when it comes to attracting and consequently keeping a girl. The following are some of the mistakes, why men get rejected.

1. Being Too Outspoken

Women love men who are outspoken and who are themselves; that at least is true.  However, how much should you talk?
Ask yourself this question before saying everything that is in your mind. Talking too much is a big turn off for most ladies. Do you remember the good old saying; think
before you speak. This is particularly true when it comes to dating women.

2. Annoying Habits

Annoying habits can sometimes be the determining factor whether you are going to get a girl or not. These habits and tendencies are very hard to spot. This is because it is like a norm for you, but a turn-off for other people.
Ask your friends to tell you want they don’t like about your habits.Usually, your friend understands you better than any other person. Take advantage of them, let them tell you what your bad habits are, then work on them.

3. Being Desperate

If there is one thing girls can smell from miles away, it is desperation. The time that people are most vulnerable to desperation is directly after a breakup.
Desperation is responsible for a lot of leads to extreme nervousness and lack of confidence as well. After a breakup do not rush into dating, take your time to cool down. Gather yourself and then decide whether you are ready for the game. Once you do this, there are high chances that desperation will not manifest itself.

4. A Bad Presentation (AKA You Look Like A Hobo)

This fact never changes, no matter what age and time we are in. It has been with us from time immemorial. First impression matters a lot when you are out to make a killing.
Remember, this does apply not only to relationships, but to all spheres of life as well.  Women make up their mind based on how you present yourself. Do not expect a lady to fall for you if your hygiene is poor.
Clean teeth, decent hairstyle and a good wardrobe will help in ensuring that you avoid rejection.

5. Being Boring

Women usually do not respond well to men who are boring. If you are naturally introverted and shy, then you need to work on what you will say to her before meeting with her. Talking about topics that she has little or no interest in, is one sure way of getting rejected.
For example, you know that most women do not love soccer, yet you go on and base your conversation on it. What do you think will stop her from terming you a very boring person?To be on the safe side, please pick on topics that most women like and ones that particularly interest her.