No Girl Wants To Date Me: 5 Reasons Women Keep Turning You Down

In the game of love, rejection is quite common. The biggest question that most men ask themselves is; why is it that no girl wants to date me? The reasons as to why women reject men are usually not clear. However, at most times this problem can be attributed to poor presentation by men.
The way a man presents himself really goes a long way in attracting a woman’s attention. The simple things that men overlook are the ones responsible for rejection.
Men have these wrong impression that what women like, is just money and sophistication. This is correct to some point, but not the determining factor when it comes to attracting and consequently keeping a girl. The following are some of the mistakes, why men get rejected.

1. Being Too Outspoken

Women love men who are outspoken and who are themselves; that at least is true.  However, how much should you talk?
Ask yourself this question before saying everything that is in your mind. Talking too much is a big turn off for most ladies. Do you remember the good old saying; think
before you speak. This is particularly true when it comes to dating women.

2. Annoying Habits

Annoying habits can sometimes be the determining factor whether you are going to get a girl or not. These habits and tendencies are very hard to spot. This is because it is like a norm for you, but a turn-off for other people.
Ask your friends to tell you want they don’t like about your habits.Usually, your friend understands you better than any other person. Take advantage of them, let them tell you what your bad habits are, then work on them.

3. Being Desperate

If there is one thing girls can smell from miles away, it is desperation. The time that people are most vulnerable to desperation is directly after a breakup.
Desperation is responsible for a lot of leads to extreme nervousness and lack of confidence as well. After a breakup do not rush into dating, take your time to cool down. Gather yourself and then decide whether you are ready for the game. Once you do this, there are high chances that desperation will not manifest itself.

4. A Bad Presentation (AKA You Look Like A Hobo)

This fact never changes, no matter what age and time we are in. It has been with us from time immemorial. First impression matters a lot when you are out to make a killing.
Remember, this does apply not only to relationships, but to all spheres of life as well.  Women make up their mind based on how you present yourself. Do not expect a lady to fall for you if your hygiene is poor.
Clean teeth, decent hairstyle and a good wardrobe will help in ensuring that you avoid rejection.

5. Being Boring

Women usually do not respond well to men who are boring. If you are naturally introverted and shy, then you need to work on what you will say to her before meeting with her. Talking about topics that she has little or no interest in, is one sure way of getting rejected.
For example, you know that most women do not love soccer, yet you go on and base your conversation on it. What do you think will stop her from terming you a very boring person?To be on the safe side, please pick on topics that most women like and ones that particularly interest her.


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